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We’re super excited to be working with Gabe Gets of Runaway on our new logos! The ones for CC + our micro-roastery brand 4th Dimension Coffee. Please follow us on social media to stay up on news as we build it out.




Estamos super emocionados de trabajar con Gabe Gets de Runaway  en el dise~o de nuestros nuevos logotipos.  Los q seran para Cacao Canela y para nuestro cafe tostado, 4th Dimension Coffee (Cafe de la 4ta. Dimension). Dale al “Me Gusta” a nuestra pagina para enterarte  de todas  las noticias.

The logos for both come from this very special floor tile which is in the house where our co-owner Areli’s father grew up in Tepuzhuacan, Nayarit, Mexico. You can already see a version of it in the sliding glass door window at Cocoa Cinnamon on Hillsborough Road and the work Gabe Gets has done for the CC logo is looking so good. We can’t wait to see his interpretation for 4th Dimension Coffee.

Los logotipos para  ambos estan basados en un azulejo q esta en el piso de la casa donde se crio el padre de Areli, una de los due~os, en Tepuzhuacan, Nayarit.  Ya pueden ver una version de este dise~o en la ventana de la puerta corrediza en Cacao Canela de la Calle Hillsborough  y el trabajo q Gabe Gets ha estado haciendo en el logotipo de CC esta quedando muy bien.  No podemos esperar para ver su interpretacion para el logotipo de Cafe de la 4ta Dimension.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll speak more to what the 4th dimension means to us and how we have approach coffee and our business from the beginning. It’s something that we speak to in our training program and barista code. In short it is a way of looking at coffee that includes 3rd wave and also the history of coffee and values a wide variety of tasting experiences and methods of craft. The 4th Dimension is something we search after in motion as we do in life.


In business, a 4th Dimensional Approach alludes to our consideration of our actions and patterns from multiple perspectives as we keep growing into health, sustainability and the simple pleasure of a warm well crafted drink where being at home in one’s own skin is the norm.

The connections between this human act and the act of finding that sweet spot in the drinks and coffees we craft are beautifully intertwined.

Of course the name stems from an art and science movement that inspires us as do you all, our team and the stories and flavors of all we taste each day together with you.

More coming soon!


CC & 4D

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