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As the key customer service person you create an outstanding customer experience that is unique to Cocoa Cinnamon.  You are expected to have excellent knowledge of our menu, design and story and professionally and confidently engage each person.  You are able to pace the line, use an active whole shop approach to atmosphere, and match the customer at their level while sharing our passion and knowledge starting at their level.  You will be trained in the basics of the craft and histories of coffee, chocolate and tea.  You will be responsible for upholding company standards, making non-espresso drinks and with advancement prepare cups and support the barista.  You will keep the atmosphere comfortable and the shop’s stock, cleanliness, fixtures reset at all times.  You bring an awesome attitude and work ethic with you each day, feeling as responsible for others as you are for yourself.  No experience necessary, but a passion for the company and coffee, chocolate and tea a must. 

You may put in an application for Customer Service, Barista or Churros (in English or Spanish).

Advancement opportunity: Barista – With previous experience, some folks are able to move to Barista on a fast track. Be sure to note details if you have previous barista experience.

1 year minimum commitment.


  • Logical and deft problem-solving
  • Weekends and Holiday availability a must.
  • Being an integral part of making Cocoa Cinnamon a unique, engaging and comfortable place to be for all.
  • Provide customer service that is performed in a passionate, personal, down to Earth and professional manner.
  • Be a responsible and integral part of making an everyday experience extraordinary.
  • Dedication to excellence in preparing and serving high quality drinks with great attention to detail.
  • Enjoys a diverse group of people and ideas.
  • Following food and safety guidelines and the law.
  • Being able to work in a swift on your feet setting.
  • Coming in each shift with a smile and desire to serve.

If we have an opening or think you will fit into the team, we may contact you. Please don’t call. You may contact us one time via email to make sure that we have received your completed application. If we have an opening, we will follow up with you.

Nights and weekend availability a must.

We always collect applications. 

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