CC – Lakewood now open full hours 7 days a week! And we’ve introduced the Morros de Toros!

We’re now open at CC – Lakewood 7 days!

Monday – Friday 7:30am to 10pm.
Saturday and Sunday 8am to 10pm.

This menu is designed to time the drinks with serving the churros hot. One item, that we’ve recently added, takes a bit longer but is worth every second is the Morros de Toros. It’s a freshly made warm churro spiral with vanilla ice cream from The Parlour, topped with chocolate drizzle that hardens as it hits the ice cream and sweetened condensed milk. Good for one or two.

Here’s a picture. Try it for yourself or share with a friend.


Other notes on the churros:

The churro dough doesn’t have any sugar in it.
You can opt to leave the sugar off and dip them in your coffee for a Spanish style breakfast.

And they are also made without any animal based products. In the next couple of weeks we’ll have some coconut milk based ice cream from the Parlour, so vegans can not only enjoy the churros with chocolate (the Modica drinking chocolate is made without dairy), the Morro de Toro will also be available as a vegan option. Stay tuned on social media for when that happens.

Each of our shops makes a piece to the Cocoa Cinnamon puzzle.

420 W Geer Street is near downtown and our first. We serve espresso drinks, pour-over coffees, one of a kind signature espresso, tea and chocolate drinks. This location features a design that includes re-used site and tobacco factory materials around exploration and research. We have indoor seating that includes small tables, comfy couches and a large outdoor seating area where local Food Trucks come weekly.

2627 Hillsborough Road is located in Old West Durham.  We serve carefully crafted espresso drinks, pour overs and signature drinks unique to this location that play from the design. We also serve affogatos, made with vanilla ice cream from The Parlour topped with espresso. The design of this location was inspired by the history of Mexico, Spain, North Africa and beyond and the way they connect and how they connect through culture, artifacts, and food.

2013 Chapel Hill Road is our newest location in the Lakewood Neighborhood. This location offers ready to serve drinking chocolates, espresso drinks, coffee, affogatos, and freshly made classic style churros. This shop is inspired by classic churrerías and street vendors in Mexico and with subtle allusions to Andalusia, North Africa, and Sicily. Our micro-roastery 4th Dimension Coffee is here. No Wifi at this location – get unplugged with a friend, your kids, family, some time to write or simply enjoy.

We are deeply grateful to David Solow art + design who designed all of our locations.

There’s more to the locations than what we can write in a blurb, but that’s a start to get into how each is unique.

With CC – Lakewood, we were after another kind of feeling, offering a new kind of invitation. Being true to CC while being accessible to a wider community and the Lakewood neighborhood has been a goal from the beginning. To create a space that is more about gathering, coming to talk, bringing kids, a place that can feel like home for the Spanish speaking community as well as everyone who loves espresso, coffee, chocolate and churros. We think of street vendors across Mexico and places to gather and enjoy coffee, chocolate and churros like Churreria El Moro in Mexico city. Indulgence and spending time with friends and loved ones are the main attractions and that’s what we are going for. And we’ve seen it happening. Lots of families, lots of folks from across our community, children, artists, writers, students, teachers…

With all the space we’ve been able to have folks bring out groups.

Chris Vitiello had a session of writing poems in dictionaries for his art installation The Language is Asleep that is now being installed in Michigan for ArtPrize.
Zarazua Enterprises (who was behind lots of the beautiful work) had a painter appreciation gathering for their awesome folks.
This Friday will be Noche Mexicana, a Lotteria fundraiser for Alerta Migratoria.
Next Tuesday at 5:30pm Durham Tactical Urbanists will be meeting to get into a discussion on Durham’s potential for bike infrastructure projects.

We also want to share:

  • We’re collecting supplies for hurricane relief at CC – Lakewood. Here are the details.
  • In 2012 Thomas Merrigan supported our kickstarter when we had a bike and a dream by playing our kickstarter party at Motorco! Now he’s doing a kickstarter to support recording an LP. He plays around town for free all the time and adds passion, beauty and music to our streets. Please support him with us! And if you are not able to, please check out his page and help us spread the word.  Here’s the link.


  • And finally some write-ups on CC – Lakewood and other recent press:

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