Our approach to the menu is guided by a dedication to craft, the origins and history of coffees, chocolate and tea and offering an ongoing tasting experience.

Coffee originally spread from what is now Western Ethiopia and Southern Sudan through the Middle East in a way that is connected to Islam and the spice trade.  Cacao came up from the Amazon and became a prominent part of Olmec, Mayan and Aztec cultures in what is now Mexico.  After many years, Europeans transformed drinking chocolate into a silky 1498979_889220334422909_5926760500917063713_omilky drink and on to snappy shiny bars.  Our Tea is classic.

We offer our own 4th Dimension Coffee in all of the shops, including espresso, pourovers (at W Geer and Hillsborough) road, drinking chocolate and tea. At the Lakewood location, where we have our roastery we also make churros to order.

Everyone on our team is more than happy to hear about what you would love and suggest a drink for you.

In our signature drinks we look back at histories (of coffee, chocolate and tea) and use that as a starting point to play with flavor.  We also use stories and characters as touch points to develop recipes.

Each of our locations makes a piece of the Cocoa Cinnamon puzzle. About 20% of the menus vary from shop to shop. NOTE: Below is a representation of drinks that we have or have had on our menus in the past 5 years.

To look at our current menus for each location, please click HERE.




We have a rotating menu of coffees that we brew for you by hand.  We roast our coffees at our Lakewood location with occasional guests.  We play quite a bit with our choices, sometimes offering wide contrasts, sometimes 3 coffees from the same region from different roasters.  We aim to provide an ongoing tasting experience.


Rumi –

Hand brewed coffee with rosewater and cardamom with a African and Asian coffee (when available) base.


Strait of Hormuz –

Hand brewed coffee with Malabar black pepper with a African and Asian coffee base.


En La Lucha –

Hand brewed coffee with our homemade Cocoa Cinnamon sauce using an American coffee base.  Literally translates to “In the struggle” Inspired by he daily struggle and Areli’s love for Lucha Libre.

Coffee continent in the cup.

Coffee continent in the cup.


Libyan Liberation –

Hand brewed East African coffee with a splash of orange blossom.

Hue (pronounce who-eh) –

Hand brewed Asian coffee in a glass over a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk.  Inspired by the traditional Vietnamese style coffee and is brewed to aesthetically represent Hue which as it is situated in the middle of Vietnam. Hue also has a rich culinary history.,_Vietnam


ESPRESSO (selections from our menu)


Espresso profiled to each unique coffee and extracted to create a full bodied or one of a kind, sweet and complex experience.



Meaning “marked” in Italian, a macchiato is espresso marked with naturally sweet fine textured milk or a dollop of foam.



A latte is espresso with micro-textured milk, designed to pour latte art and taste naturally sweet. The milk should be consistent throughout the entire drink without any visible bubbles to create a delicious compliment of espresso and milk.


5 oz drink.  espresso made with finely textured microfoam. Silky latte style milk or a more developed yet tight and shiny foam.



La Villa Rica de Veracruz

Latte with house made vanilla bean syrup.


Al Mokha

Cocoa Cinnamon’s version of the mocha latte, inspired by the port in Yemen from which coffee was first exported. Somehow the word Mokha became synonymous with a chocolate drink; we decided to honor its true meaning while still pleasing the masses. The Al Mokha is a latte with real chocolate (as opposed to a chocolate syrup) topped with cinnamon from Sri Lanka (which has been transported through Mokha for millennia).


Al Mokha,_Yemen


Latte with house made caramel sauce.



In house it is served in a 4oz “Gibraltar” glass A cortado, meaning cut in Spanish, as espresso “cut” with milk, is a larger version of the macchiato.

Dr. Durham

We designed this drink in honor of Durham’s namesake.   Doctor Bartlett Leonidas Snipes Durham donated land for the train station; not long later the area became known as Durhamville…then Durham.   We concocted a drink that riffs off of his story and the story of doctors who made the early colas…a “medicinal root tonic.” It is a latte with slightly frothier micro-foam with homemade vanilla topped with maca root powder, ginger root powder and black lava salt.

Dr. Durham Photo by B.J. Fusaro

Dr. Durham Photo by B.J. Fusaro


See-Line Woman

A black strap molasses, dark melted chocolate, homemade vanilla latte.

Inspired by the almighty, powerful and strong woman that is Nina Simone. Born and raised in Tryon, North Carolina, Nina was a talented singer-songwriter, pianist, and civil-rights activist.

Platinum Winner Best Coffee Shop in Durham Magazine

Platinum Winner Best Coffee Shop in Durham Magazine



A latte with dulce de leche and cayenne pepper. Named after the last tatloani (ruler) of the Aztecs when the Spanish took over.


Bull’s Eye

Espresso in the customer’s choice of drip (until 5pm) or as a double triple americano.

Cocoa Cinnamon’s version of the “Red Eye” or “Shot in the Dark.”



St. Al’s Iced Coffee

Slow and cold brewed iced coffee already prepped and ready to go.  Named after our good friend Al Frega who helped us get Cocoa Cinnamon going in so many ways. Ready to serve.

10469876_815996925078584_9078196849329050159_n (2)

Middle Eastern Iced Coffee

Slow and cold brewed iced coffee brewed with cardamom, rose petals and vanilla bean. It is reminiscent of what many call a Turkish, more accurately Middle Eastern coffee but iced and without the sediment.  Ready to serve.

Toon Up

Slow brewed iced coffee with espresso pulled through sweetened condensed milk and topped with raw sugar. Named after Professor Toon a local hip hop artist and friend riffing off the fact that CC used to be a gas station.


Espresso over an iced cane sugar mexican coke. It’s like a science experiment gone bad but it’s so good. Named after our good friends at the food truck KoKyu as a riff off of the Coke Black.


Hot Chocolate

Made with real chocolate and milk to make a rich hot chocolate. For all chocolate drinks, direct the customer to choose the chocolate base; if they are unfamiliar with the idea that chocolate has a terroir, recommend in a way that is most pleasurable for them. Hot chocolate can be iced!

The Chuck Pell Special. Image by the man himself.

The Chuck Pell Special. Image by the man himself.


Dark Single Origin Hot Chocolate

We offer a rotating series of chocolate bases.

Single Origin Milk Hot Chocolate

Sipping Chocolate

Made with melted chocolate, half and half (or sub.) to taste like a shot of melted chocolate bar.



You voted Durham Tastiest town in the South and we along with lots of Durham friends were read into the congressional record!!!

You voted Durham Tastiest town in the South and we along with lots of Durham friends were read into the congressional record!!!


Includes cinnamon, nutmeg, raw sugar. The name is a bit of a spoof.  Many of the chocolate recipes that contemporary chocolate shops have around the country are direct takes out of books like this, citing the dates and places.  We decided to also have a date drink, but our date would be based on the date that the German Cartographer Waldseemueller named our continent after Amerigo Vespucci.  The complications and effects of that are too complex to go into, but that occurrence is an allusion to layers of history that are embedded in the way we approach the menu, shop and our customers.

 To further the spoof, we, use the spices from around the world that Columbus was after in seeking a more direct route to the “Indies” and combine them with the one spice he did find in the “Americas,” allspice.

Cacao Canela

Includes cocoa powder, cinnamon, and a touch of house made vanilla bean syrup. An homage to the “Latin” side of Cocoa Cinnamon – Cacao Canela.


Kublai Khan

Includes organic ginger, vanilla powder, and cinnamon and is topped with poppy seeds. Ginger is a common Asian root and poppy seeds are an allusion to the opium wars.


Made with cayenne, vanilla powder and agave. Named after the Aztec city-state that Moctezuma ruled when Cortés arrived.



An authentic water based cacao drink consisting of in-house hand ground cacao beans and various spices. Think chocolate before Columbus came to the Americas — that’s the great majority of its existence as an edible.


Signature Cacao Drinks


This kakawa consists of raw cacao, pumpkin seeds, almonds, allspice and cinnamon. Antepasados is Spanish for ancestors referring to Areli’s heritage.


This kakawa consists of raw cacao, anise star pod, black pepper, vanilla, crushed rose, and raw sugar. Al-Andalus was a medieval Muslim state in most of what is now known as Spain, Portugal, Andora, and part of southern France. When the Spanish Inquisition happened, the state was then divided into five administrative Christian units.


TEA & INFUSIONS (rotate quarterly – below are examples)

Single Origin Infusions –

Rooibos, Yerba Mate

Single Origin Teas –

Ancient Golden Yunnan,  Sencha Superior, Golden Assam, Silver Needles



Signature Teas and Infusions


A deep red infusion of organic hibiscus, lemongrass, peppermint, orange peel and cacao nibs.


A golden infusion of lavender blossoms, ginger root, cloves and lemongrass. Inspired by Ibn Batutta’s travel journal.

Wind Song

Silver needles with jasmine flowers and roses. Named after a creation story of how white tea was created. According to the myth, a tea leaf was blown into the leader of the Song Dynasty’s cup of boiling water.

Signature Tea Lattes –

Simon Bolivar

Yerba mate latte with honey, allspice and cayenne.  Simon Bolivar was a military and political leader who played a key role in liberating Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru from Spanish rule. He envisioned a united Latin America with one central government much like the United States of America. The ingredients relate to key places and times in Bolivar’s life. 

Tea Beauty.

Chai Latte

Real chai pulled as a shot through the espresso machine and textured milk. Can be sweetened with vanilla syrup. Please ask the customer if they want it sweetened.


Rooibos Latte

A caffeine free tea latte made with organic South African rooibos pulled through the espresso machine and textured milk. Can be sweetened with honey.



Golden Yunnan tea with textured milk, vanilla bean syrup and orange blossom. Our version of the “London Fog.”




Hot textured milk with a choice of flavor.



Soda water with a choice of flavor. We usually have a special seltzer.

Most drinks on the menu can be made iced.


house made vanilla bean syrup, melted chocolate, house made caramel, house made hibiscus & allspice syrup, organic nutmeg, organic cayenne, organic allspice, organic cardamom, orange blossom water, rose water, organic malabar pepper, natural black lava salt, organic maca powder, organic paprika, date sugar, dulce de leche, sweetened condensed milk, black strap molasses, any special syrup of the month.


We brew our last pot at 3:30pm each day.  If you bring your own cup you get 25 cents off and 10% more if use our loyalty card. We offer Drip as a way to be more accessible to our customers that are on the go and as a way to offer something that is at a lower price point throughout the day.

Past drinks that rotate in on occasion:


A white chocolate latte topped with ginger.

Temujin (popularly known as Ghengis Khan) was interested in learning and gathering as much information as he could and anyone he conquered.  If they survived and submitted, for the most part the conquered were allowed to continue to practice their own customs and religion. He had people from as far and wide as he could come to his court so he could learn about the world.  Ginger connects; white chocolate is about as foreign an ingredient from Temujin as possible.

Tower of Babel

A honey latte topped with date sugar. The ingredients of this drink are true to the region and allude to the history.

Aleppo Souk

A latte with a homemade syrup including cinnamon, cumin and nutmeg topped with paprika and Aleppo pepper.

Aleppo is thought to be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. It used to be a destination on the spice trade where the Aleppo Souk (covered market) was filled with spices and all sorts of other worldly goods. In recent Syrian conflicts the souk was destroyed by fire and it wasn’t until this tragic event that Aleppo surfaced on the map for many people around the world.


Chai, vanilla bean syrup, cardamom, sweetened condesed milk over middle eastern iced coffee. A play on the Toon Up created by Garrett and Susie. Kind of our take on the “iced dirty chai.” Sheytoon means mischievous or little devil (in a playful way) in Farsi.  This is actually a tea drink.


Winner Best Coffee Shop Durham County and Best Place to have a Blind Date

Winner Best Coffee Shop Durham County and Best Place to have a Blind Date