Our first test week was amazing! Come out for our full beta launch this week at CC – Lakewood!

We are so grateful to all of you for making last week an amazing test week at  Cocoa Cinnamon/ Cacao Canela – Lakewood!

This week we will be open 7:30am to 10pm Tuesday – Friday and 8am to 10pm Saturday for full beta launch hours.

Please help us spread the word. Families and groups welcome.

All week you can get a free churro with the purchase of a beverage!













































BETA LAUNCH Full Details —

Thank you for being part of Cocoa Cinnamon BETA! If you are reading this, you probably know how we do things

by now. You are a key part of this process. Have fun with us as we unfold the third piece to our puzzle. Follow us on

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on our email newsletter to keep up with our progress. Give us your thoughts,

ideas, feedback.


Here’s some of what we’re up to:

· piece by piece, we will roll out and tweak the menu and retail – still to come are more signature espressos, coffees and

drinking chocolates and more iced drinks and churro options.

· we’ll add more outdoor seating, aesthetic details, finish construction/furniture details

· we have some echo abatement/acoustic testing to do

· add Cacao Canela and Cocoa Cinnamon building signs

· compose and add upper cabinet paintings of the history of coffee and the 4th dimension

· slowly and pleasurably release in-house roasted coffee, then packaging

· Hone, test, train, tighten, release, again


Each location makes a part of a puzzle that together makes the whole that is Cocoa Cinnamon. Each location has

slight variations on offerings, distinct and communicating designs, menus that relate to the designs which play from

the history of coffee, chocolate and tea. All three are pieces that make up the idea. After the launch of Lakewood shop,

we’ll work towards adding an espresso machine at W Geer and more brew method options at Hillsborough Road. We

also recently added affogatos at 2627 Hillsborough Road too!


CC – Lakewood or Cacao Canela, is intended for enjoying carefully crafted drinks and churros, spending time with friends

and family or alone, studying, reading, relaxing, etc…there are no plugs or internet in the seating area.


With your patronage, we are grateful to be able to continue to be a Durham Living Wage project employer.

Wherever possible, we source locally. We are happy to add Lindley Mills as our local source for organic flour. We

source our milk from Homeland Creamery.


We have benefited from your support as well as Self Help and Slow Money NC.


Contractors, service people…who made this project possible:

David Solow art + design, Linton Architects, Stuart Smith and Billy Stevens, Mike Dawson Electric,

Elijah Leed Studio, ARP Design Studio, Al and Donna Frega, Cornelio Campos, Running Waters Plumbing,

Blaine Johnston, Zarazua Enterprises, Interior Construction, Matthew Daniels, Rik Meijer of RPM Home Services,

Overhead Custom Doors, Valeria Barrera, Maryah Smith-Overman, J&H Glass, Our awesome team, especially all the

folks who went out of their way to help out extra with the shop. Donna Myers, Michelle Durango-Lopez, Dan Albright,

Self Help Credit Union, Carol Peppe Hewitt and Slow Money, Alison Trott, Elizabeth Thomas, Our parents and

families, Miguel, Don Poncho, Orlando and Gisela, Marta Perrupato, Manuel of MLO Concrete and Construction,

Jeremy Parker, Ann Woodward, The Scrap Exchange, Gary and Bill, Stephen Hayes, Larry Tilley of Acme Plumbing.

Please send us a note if we missed you.

Leon and Areli


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