Here are some updates and a little of what we want you to know about our newest location Cocoa Cinnamon / Cacao Canela – Lakewood. We’ve had an amazing first few weeks of startup.

Tuesday, September 19th 5:30pm the Tactical Urbanists of Durham will be drawing tactical projects for Durham (including a possible pop up cycletrack) at the Cocoa Cinnamon.  All are welcome.

We’re so excited that Tom Merrigan, the Durham Street Piano Player will be out performing on the front porch at CC – Lakewood Friday 9/22 6 to 8pm. It’s extra special to us for a few reasons. Tom performed at one of our Kickstarter parties back in 2012 in support of our campaign when we were just a bike and dream. He also, as an architect at Linton Architects, participated in the design for this shop. We imagine you’ve seen Tom at events around town and at the Farmer’s Market.

So it feels perfect to have him out to sweeten the deal, we will be contributing $1 per paquete (drink + churros) to his kickstarter campaign for Tom to produce an LP! It’s a family-friendly event. Come on out and support and help us spread the word!

Also this weekend is the Beats N Bars Festival. CC is a proud sponsor of this home grown hip hop festival.

beautiful days and nights out on the patio.

This location offers ready to serve drinking chocolates, espresso drinks, coffee, affogatos, and freshly made classic style churros. CC – Lakewood is inspired by classic churrerias and street vendors in Mexico and with subtle allusions to Andalusia, North Africa, and Sicily. Our micro-roastery 4th Dimension Coffee is here. We have limited wifi access at this location, from open until 6pm Weekdays. We reserve nights and weekends to get unplugged with a friend, your kids, family, some time to write or simply enjoy. There are no plugs in the space, so if you need to come work or meet, come charged. We love all the things that happen in our shops on computers and we want to strike a balance to offer a space where people connect to each other at least as much as they do to their gadgets. We all need times to disconnect in order to connect and this shop is a place to do that. We’ll be doing a month long test and see how the balance plays out.

We are deeply grateful to David Solow art + design who designed all of our locations.

Dip your churros in coffee or chocolate for breakfast. You can leave the sugars on the side if you’d like, Spanish style.

With CC – Lakewood, we were after another kind of feeling, offering a new kind of invitation. Being true to CC while being even more accessible to a wider community and the Lakewood neighborhood has been a goal from the beginning. To create a space that is more about gathering, coming to talk, bringing kids, a place that can feel like home for the Spanish speaking community as well as everyone who loves espresso, coffee, chocolate and churros. We think of street vendors across Mexico and places to gather and enjoy coffee, chocolate and churros like Churreria El Moro in Mexico city. Indulgence and spending time with friends and loved ones are the main attractions and that’s what we are going for. And we’ve seen it happening. Lots of families, lots of folks from across our community, children, artists, writers, students, teachers…

With all the space we’ve been able to have folks bring out groups.

Lotteria night for Noche Mexicana, for Alerta Migratoria and Mexican Independence Day.

Bienvenidos a Cacao Canela – Lakewood!

2013 Chapel Hill Road es nuestro nuevo local en la vecindad de Lakewood. Este local ofrece bebidas de chocolate listas para servir, bebidas de espresso, café, affogatos (nieve/helado con espresso), y churros clásicos y frescos. Esta tienda es inspirada por churrerías clásicas y por vendedores en las calles de México con alusiones sutiles a Andalucía, Norafrica y Sicilia. Nuestro pequeño tostador de café, Café de la Cuarta Dimensión esta aquí. Tenemos acceso de WiFi limitado en este local de cuando abrimos hasta las 6pm durante la semana. Reservamos las noches y los fines de semanas para que se conecten con amigos, sus hijos, familia, o para tener tiempo para escribir o para simplemente disfrutar. No tenemos enchufes en el espacio así que si lo necesitas para trabajar vente cargado. Amamos todas la cosas que ocurren en nuestras tiendas sobre las computadoras y queremos tener un buen balance de ofrecer un hogar en donde la gente pueda conectarse con otras persona tanto como con sus aparatos. Todos necesitamos tiempo para desconectarnos de los aparatos para poder tener conexiones humanas y este local es un hogar ofrecer esa oportunidad.

Estamos profundamente agradecidos a David Solow arte + diseño quien diseñó nuestros tres locales.

Con CC – Lakewood, estábamos detrás de otro tipo de sentimiento, ofreciendo un nuevo tipo de invitación. Ser ciertos a CC mientras siendo accesible a una comunidad más amplia y el vecindario de Lakewood ha sido una de nuestra metas desde el principio. Crear un espacio que sea más acerca de reunir, venir a hablar, traer a los niños, un lugar que pueda sentirse como en casa para la comunidad hispanohablante, así como para todo el mundo que ama el espresso, el café, el chocolate y los churros. Pensamos en los vendedores callejeros de todo México y lugares para reunirse y disfrutar el café, chocolate y churros como Churrería El Moro en la ciudad de México. Indulgencia y pasar tiempo con amigos y seres queridos son los principales atractivos y eso es lo que vamos a hacer. Y lo hemos visto pasar. Muchas familias, mucha gente de toda nuestra comunidad, niños, artistas, escritores, estudiantes, maestros …
Con todo el espacio que tenemos hemos podido tener a gente traer grupos.