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We’d like to give a special shout out to the folks who have supported the creation of Cocoa Cinnamon.

david solow
art + design
china dolls vintage china rentals
Mismatched vintage china rentals in Durham
sequoya craft shop
Fertility awareness for smarties
aerial innovations
We are a local group of tree-climbing Arborists who use modern, science-based approaches to prune, remove and care for trees
rock paper scissors durham hair salon
Downtown Durham hair salon
chez moi bakery
A specialty bakery offering a variety of cakes not found in traditional bakeries
Lees attracting birds and bees
Lee attracting birds and bees
one world market
Durham’s fair trade store

Your online magazine celebrating the food and drink of the Southern States
Major and From Spring 2010 and Before

All Kickstarter contributors:


All Indiegogo contributors:




  • Al Frega – constant advice, helped us build bikeCOFFEE, supplied many of the reclaimed materials and has watched over us at every step of the way in more ways than we can say…creative and beyond.


Artists who’ve created site specific works – the works are beyond the ordinary and each warrant a look on an aesthetic and conceptual level)

  • David Solow – overall design, working, production labor, feedback…we started talking to David and developing ideas about this starting in 2010…without David none of this would have gotten started. He even introduced us to our landlord Bob Chapman and his son Rob Chapman (whose insight and support has also been key).
  • Heather Gordon – www.heather-gordon.com (floor painting)
  • Floor painting volunteers – Stacey Kirby, Sara McCreary, Natalie Santana, Warren, Jessica
  • Maryah Smith – Overman – wood work/fixins station/cabinet of curiousities, which was recently featured in an exhibition at the Carrack. Also runs a farm in east durham. led our reclaiming of brightleaf shutter wood for our outdoor tables.
  • Elijah Leed (Studio) – Tesla inspired countertops.  http://elijahleed.com
  • Art Knowles – Tree house shelf in outdoor restroom, funky indoor shelving and wood upper cabinet.  www.facebook.com/wordofmouthcarpentry
  • Jackie MacLeod made an amazing hundertwasser inspired mirror that is in the outdoor restroom.
  • William Lum (local undertaker) lent us his wood studio for finishing outdoor tables and lent us his flatbed truck to haul stuff around
  • Blaine Johnston – built curved upper cabinet
  • David Schmitz – google sketchup instruction and bike sketchup work
  • Don Poncho – built curved brick walk in the spirit of gaudi/hundertwasser crossed with Durham
  • Tom Dawson – building bike racks inspired by cocoa pod/coffee bean also helped weld frame for the bar, helping us develop more ways to make our site green after we get open (landscape architect in city planning).
  • Handmade Cocoa Cinnamon Mugs – Mark Kozma http://markkozma.com
  • Andrew Preiss – http://arpdesignstudio.com/content/ metal fabrication, lots of favors and tool usage
  • Nicole Hogan (of the Scrap Exchange) and a team of folks taught and helped Areli screen print our Kickstarter t-shirts and make our packs
  • Jimmy Chalmers — behind bar cabinet and shelving
  • Jeremy Parker – front room bench, outdoor table work
  • Tecui – company image design http://tecuidesigns.com
  • Franco – Kickstarter posters
  • Cici Stevens – glass table installation



  • Sean Lilly Wilson of Fullsteam Brewery – everything one could imagine, letting us store the bike and all sorts of stuff, being amazingly encouraging, giving lots of thoughtful advice
  • Mike and Candy Webster and Jeremy Roth at Motorco Music Hall – giving us a great place to start bikeCOFFEE, letting us setup inside when it was cold and rainy
  • Andrius Benokraitis – network, lots of problem solving and (happy) evil wizardry
  • Scotty Sandwich – sound


Outdoor Furniture Building –

Al Frega, Maryah Smith-Overman, Willaim Lum, Madeline James, Jeremy Parker, Amy pate, Natalie Santana, Nick Adcock, Brandon Hoe, Peter Katz, Collier Reeves,  Amy Pate, Dwayne Dixon


Cement – Don Poncho, Daniel Ayala, T.J. McDermott

Construction: (electric and plumber got paid—but went above and beyond) everyone else either volunteered or traded)

  • Mike Dawson Electric – above and beyond electric work.  We call him “lightening Mike.”
  • Tim Peck and Alejandro of Running Waters Plumbing, and copper tp holders
  • Daniel Ayala – lent tools and led concrete pour for sidewalk
  • Daniel Wegerzyn – put in doors, weather proofing, problem solving
  • Jimmy Chalmers and Peter Katz – helped build the behind the bar with an assist by Kevin Slater of Fullsteam
  • Ian Moore – paint, a mile a minute amazingness
  • Jay “The Real Laww” Lawrence – for helping us sledge out brick walls and hauling equipment around, blogging and being our friendly neighborhood super artist.


Nourishment, moral support and much more:

  • The Godparents Becky and Mike of Pie Pushers
  • Lindsay and Rob of Monuts
  • Flip and Sarah of KoKyYu BBQ
  • Nate, Chela, Yin of Chirba Chirba
  • Matthew and Jane Howard of Triangle Raw Foods
  • Shelley Stewart of Milk and honey
  • Porchetta
  • Liv’s
  • Lauren Hart of Hart’s tarts
  • T.J. McDermott of King’s Sandwich Shop
  • Geer Street Garden


Help preparing the building (construction, paint, etc…)

  • Jay “The Real Laww” Lawrence
  • Jennifer Ferris
  • John Moore
  • Joanne Andrews
  • Katherine O’Brien
  • John Stern
  • Brittany Price
  • Natalie Santana
  • Alex
  • Bailee Christopher
  • Lee Morgan McPherson
  • Judith Torres



Scrap exchange Kickstarter Reward Assembly:

  • Nicole Hogan,
  • Joanne
  • Britanny
  • Jessica
  • Stacey Kirby
  • Valeria
  • Maggie

Julia Gartrell’s Kickstarter Reward Assembly session

  • Julia Gartrell
  • Madeline James

Reward assembly

  • Lori Foote


  • Allie Lieberman
  • Jennifer Ferris
  • Joanne Andrews
  • Katherine O’Brien
  • Britanny Price
  • Natalie Santana
  • Mike burrows (and his friend)
  • Archana Gowda
  • Victoria Bouloubasis
  • Valeria Barrera

Advice/Looking Out/Support:

  • Kelli and Billy Cotter of Toast
  • Andy Magowan of Geer Street Garden
  • Milton and Ginger Brasher-Cunningham
  • Victoria Bouloubasis
  • Archana Gowda
  • Brandon Hoe
  • Kym/Liz of The Pinhook
  • Saleem Reshamwala – kickstarter video, insight
  • Matt of City Fabric – advice
  • Nick and Rochelle of the Cookery
  • Everyone who came and gave feedback at a tasting session.
  • Meredith Stewart
  • Brandon Hoe
  • Fielding Arnold
  • Jonathan Bonchak
  • Scott at Carborro Coffee (and thanks for lending us those 5 gal coffee bins)
  • Erin McCarthy (then at Gimme Coffee, now at Counter Culture Coffee)
  • Dante Mandala
  • Jeff and King
  • Will (bartender from Motorco)
  • Jennifer Collins (front canvas re-upholster) and Chet Mancour
  • Mike Burrows
  • Sean Thegen
  • Lee Moore Crawford
  • Luchadoras
  • Daniel Bacchi
  • Brian Cliette of the Hospitality Program at North Carolina Central University
  • Dan Rearick
  • Mandy Padgett
  • Mike Bamford
  • Heather Wilson
  • Marina Leed
  • Kevin Slater for help putting up behind bar upper cabinet
  • Ann and The Scrap Exchange
  • Professor Toon

Help with working on bikeCOFFEE:

  • Kala Wolfe
  • Akira Morita
  • Garrett Gilmore
  • Maggie Smith
  • Colin Miller
  • Mana Ogasawara-Reshamwala
  • Archana Gowda
  • Vincent Bacchi
  • Chris Golmar


  • Mike Woodard – grace and pull
  • Ronnie Angerer – Tool Lending
  • Fablabs of the Carolinas – chocolate molds
  • Summer at Locopops – donated a chocolate tempering machine
  • Tom and the Merrigans – music at fundraiser
  • Cecilia Vega Metals and Brian from Only Burger
  • Julio at El Centro Hispano
  • Dan at J and D Recyclers
  • Durham Brazing
  • Nomadic Trading Company
  • Alex and Central Park School for Children 5th grade class
  • Tio Tonyo, Tia Cruz – metate
  • Maria Perez and Edgar
  • Dalia Razo
  • Tim Swezey
  • Bob at Bull Durham Custom Trailers

Blogs, Plugs, etc…

  • The Real Laww
  • Triangle explorer
  • Durham Socialite
  • Carolina Epicurian
  • Christina Gates
  • Green Eats Blog

If we volunteered or contributed and we missed you or didn’t trade yet, please email us!


Check out the template of our Kickstarter Game Plan as we used it (i.e. in reverse) here.

Most of the principles overlap with Community Sourced Capital, except that we did ask some folks directly to lend us money, as with CSC we pay people back.

Here’s are parts of an online pep talk with a friend who ran a successful campaign (over $26,000) and had some (very natural) doubts during their campaign.  Might be some useful info:

Friend: “I think our problem is that we don’t have the awesome team of support that you guys had. I have no clue how to make cute graphics, etc! we really do need help. would you possibly be able to meet with us for a few minutes (pep talk)?

CC: “i’m sure it feels like we had a big team, but when we started, we didn’t. we asked people’s advice and for them to help spread the word and more and more people surfaced. i think you could ask your allies to do specific things and that makes a huge difference. a lot of people posted on list servs for us and that was a lot and we humbly asked some local blogs if they would write something…and all the work culminated. you are off to a great start and can do it…you’ve raised enough that public perception is that you can make it….so feel encouraged and mobilize. for us there was a lot of behind the scenes…check out our game plan…we did all that. always feel upbeat, know that what you are doing is amazing and there a lot of people who are on your side.  figure out how they can help and ask them (leaving them an out so they don’t feel pressured)

“you should ask…who wants to be our 100th contributor…worked for us”

Friend: “Oooh, great idea!!!”

CC:  “also mix up your media…hit up instagram….make it sound amazing that you have only one more to hit 100. that is amazing…who wants to be it?

we got a couple more by finding out funny facts about numbers….like what is the significance of the number 101 in the ukraine, something about dalmations or (something that applies to your idea)

Friend: “What do you think about this video?

CC: great…music might be a little louder than voice in a couple places. i would really focus on others advocating for you…especially on their local list serves…people who have credibility in their neighborhoods…about 10,000 of ours came from that. then friends and family appealing to others…asking people who really believe in you for advice, and having more parties do things like what we did…you have to ask gently…or even just ask for advice…but most people, especially if they can, will help…it’s the massive mobilization that will do it.

make a list of the people who have offered to help and the people who you know are involved in the community…customers, people in the video…contributors and see if they will post something….you can only ask people you know are on your side….because you don’t want to put anyone on the spot… people whom you have gotten to know over the past year and 1/2.

here’s another reference


if they are involved in durham. check out durhamhoods.com you can post but it is more powerful if others do it on your behalf.

do you have any connections to any local blogs or writers?

Friend: “yes…”

CC:  “they have to be willing to post something specific about you and really believe in you to make it contagious

look up blogs around the triangle or people who have tweeted about you and see if it is any local bloggers…start there

look through the people who’ve liked your page and see if anyone pops up. and then just look at local blogs and see if anyone is familiar…and write a short and not pushy note to ask if they’ve heard about your coming shop/kitchen…and tell them about your next event…gives them something specific to post about.

put together your own game plan…almost like a political campaign…you have 25 days left and have already raised a lot of money…believe believe believe and do the work to match the belief. success is contagious. people watch even if they haven’t contributed…your job in my understanding is to create a small frenzy through properly orchestrated events, posts, posts on your behalf and all the behind the scenes actions that make it seem easy….people like to give when they think it will work…so start with what you know will work…allies and set up things to happen when it slows down to keep the flame going…and you will get…but it won’t happen on it’s own with that much money. you can so do it….just make the plan…think of it like an amazing and well timed/composed fireworks display.

if you know people are going to put in, see if they will challenge their friends to match…(during a specific period of time…i.e. by noon tomorrow) one of our close friends challenged their neighborhood to match the $200 they planned on putting in and the neighborhood landed up putting in over 3000. activate your allies

we also personally thanked each person as it went and asked them specific things to help spread the word…remember all of this is on the edge…so you have to be careful to not be pushy…but you have to ask…we never asked directly for money, only for help spreading the word

no….it always seems easier when someone else is doing it…plus you have 25 days to be organized…organize…like a grassroots campaign….and let others help spread the world and do more and more tastings. and see if anyone will help and use the people who plan on putting in money to help with behind the scenes matching challenges. matt from city fabric told me he wrote 20 to 50 emails every day of his campaign and had 20 blogs set before he launched. it is totally not too late. forget the number and focus on the ground work…the money will work itself out if you do the work behind the scenes. L

Friend:  “Thanks again! Also lots of bloggers have stepped up and will doing posts this week!!!”



Priming the Pump before the Campaign:

  • Finite project, on a timer and a trusted platform.  Without that, the catalyst is missing.
  • Business on board, who during the campaign will advocate, then become part of the program


During the Campaign:

  • Events
  • News/Blogs
  • Advocates/supporters
  • Publicity
  • Messaging/Social Media
  • Emails



  • Creating a toolkit
  • Seal the deal before the campaign is launched/the meeting
  • which platform?
  • Line up X% in advance
  • coordinated game plan…prime the pump, the pull the trigger and keep the flappy bird floating through the end
  • document beforehand of allies and allied groups in town…who do you know is putting money in…they advocate on listserv, at workplace, church
  • news coverage
  • pre-leak campaign
  • Create regular events involve food…entertainment.
  • Setup blogs beforehand.
  • Everyone sending X emails everyday.
  • Create messaging/post document in advance.
  • Something happens every day during campaign…put neur0transmitter in the synapse every day.
  • Never ask for money. Ask everyone to help spread the word.
  • Lineup perks that are manageable, that connect people to the project.
  • counter-intuitive elements of running a campaign.
  • goal set by minimum number you can live with…have what will be able to happen when you go passed your goal.
  • four social media posts a day
  • there is a numbers gambling addictiveness to it…work off the numbers
  • the video is super important … to the point and fun
  • people like to help what is successful…they give when you’re up
  • use the campaign as a way to initiate in the community — for real…who will be on board throughout the community
  • create waves that result in a tsunami, a fireworks orchestration
  • pre-think potential updates…
  • how does messaging work…what is messaging??
  • ask for advice from previously successful campaigns
  • look at other successful campaign
  • pre-orchestrated matching…people who will announce for you
  • every email going out has a link to the campaign (at work, people’s alliance, etc…)
  • write personal thank yous every single person….and ask to keep helping spread word and add any new exciting (brief) info of what is happening right now
  • 4 social media posts as day using different platforms at prime Facebook (mon through thurs eves.  twitter and instagram anytime, but particularly weekends