Contribution Requests

Please note we are currently in expedited loan repayment for our 3rd location and thus have a smaller than usual contribution budget. We are currently getting between over five contribution requests on average per day. For the time being, we will only reply to requests that we are able to fulfill. Thank you.

Like most local businesses, we get a lot of requests for donations. While we are unable to support all incoming requests, we give each proposal careful consideration. Cocoa Cinnamon considers it a great honor to participate in the health of the Bull City, and we firmly believe in the “triple-bottom line” — economic, social and environmental practices that are both sustainable and profitable.

We prioritize causes with a focus on:

– supporting access to opportunity for all (especially youth)
– being a catalyst for social, independent and sustainable enterprise
– apolitcal, non-denominational research and activities

If you don’t fit one of our categories, we may still be able to consider a donation to your charity, but we especially care about these missions.

Lastly, we are only able to support charitable causes within Durham County.

Thank you for considering Cocoa Cinnamon, and for doing what you do.

Leon & Areli
co-founders of Cocoa Cinnamon

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If no, we suggest you contact a business in your local market that may be able to help.

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Cocoa Cinnamon appreciates when charitable organizations include our name and logo in the events we sponsor. Please email us for promotional materials. Thank you!

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